Wednesday, 16 November 2011

[[R]] Lazy Day Chocolate Gingers

So, time for a review! 
Today we have some biscuits.
I bought these in Waitrose, but I think you can buy them elsewhere.

The important thing is my rating out of [ t e n ]
t e n is a m a z i n g
o n e is d i s g u s t i n g

So, what did I think of these bad boys ;

I give them 9 / 10

The ginger is very strong, so it's good if you like strong flavours.
The chocolate is strong too, as it's Belgian dark chocolate.

I really enjoyed them, but the flavour was a bit too strong for my 10-year-old brother.
They are gluten, wheat, dairy and egg free and is suitable for vegans and coeliacs.

If you try/have tried them tell me what you think!

Monday, 14 November 2011

The day I became an official Coeliac [[14/11/11]]

Hello, I am Valerina and I am a Coeliac.

I had my biopsy and endoscopy two weeks ago. It wasn't the nicest of experiences, if I'm honest. Though I was very very very dehydrated, had low blood sugar and mixed with a general anesthetic... not fun X____X

Hahaha. Although I did get an awesome hat a sick bucket thing. 

Well, anyway, that was several months after my initial diagnosis by blood test. >n<

But here we are, on the 14th of November and we get a letter, confirming my diagnosis.

I am really relieved. My brother was diagnosed quite a while before me and I always felt really bad about eating gluten.

So, tonight is my last night ever of eating gluten. And...

I don't really mind. 
You'll see more of me soon. 

Bye bye for now,


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